Marine muds are key ingredients in many facial and body treatments


Marine muds are key ingredients in many facial and body treatments. Their natural origin and mineralizing, balming and moisturizing qualities makes them vital tools for centers responsible for providing wellness, health and beauty care.

Source of health

Marine, or sea, clays have been used since antiquity for preventive and curative purposes. Multiple popular remedies using clay and mud minerals that contributed to basic health have survived to this day, and now more than ever are requested as a therapeutic treatment in beauty and wellness centers.

The external application of mineral-medicinal clays and muds, sometimes mixed with seawater, has the fantastic ability to relax both body and mind, and further brings countless benefits to effective skin care, thanks to its wealth of minerals and trace elements. It is highly recommended for people with chronic conditions, or simply transient muscular and joint pain.


Beauty Ritual

Sea muds used in beauty treatments have two distinct functions: elimination of toxins, and hydration of the skin. It is a cleansing technique that helps regulate the body, neutralizes the pH of the skin, and promotes healing.

Before starting any treatment, it is recommended to undertake unpeeling or exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and facilitate the penetration of all the properties that sea muds can provide.

Once the skin is prepared, the specialist applies the mud over face and body, as if it were a blanket. For it to act properly and for its properties to be absorbed by the body, the person treated with sea mud is then covered with plastic and with a thermal blanket, which are left on for a period of 20 minutes.

The function of the thermal blanket is to maintain the natural temperature of the human body. Body heat and the 20 minute duration of the treatment are key factors for the minerals to be able to enter the bloodstream and to reach deeper layers of the skin, thus providing all its many benefits to the body.

After this phase of the treatment, the body is rinsed and a moisturizing oil is applied by gentle massage. The result is a soft and velvety skin, as the minerals from the sea mud act to retain moisture in the skin, resulting in better skin hydration, which is then reinforced by the oil.

The effectiveness of this treatment is not merely external, as internally the sea mud addresses the lack of essential minerals that our body needs.


The Mar Menor

The Mar Menor belongs to the Spanish province of Murcia, which has special local climatic conditions, such as a high percentage of hours of sun per year, warm coastal waters, and high water salinity, which have led to the northern end of the lagoon, in the area known as Las Charcas, receiving deposits over many centuries, making its clays and mud ideally suited for therapeutic treatments.

Recent studies by the University of Murcia show that these sediments contain a high percentage of cations (positive ions), calcium, magnesium, potassium and fluorine, as well as anions, chloride and sulfate. When absorbed by the skin these can improve many skin conditions such as ulcers, swelling, sores, acne or boils.

It also eliminates toxins and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in cases of rheumatism, arthritis, and gout, and is used for rehabilitation after bone fractures.

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