Discover the Salinas National Park in San Pedro de Pinatar

The Salinas National Park lies along a coastal sandbar whose salient characteristic is that it forms an effective natural barrier between the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor lagoon.

This park holds many treasures in its interior, such as a pristine wildlife, as well as salt dunes, spectacular windmills, wonder-filled hiking trails and bird-watching observatories.

All told, the park is a perfect holiday destination at any time of year.

One of its most precious assets is the mud and clay found at the extreme end of the lagoon, whose healing properties were already familiar to ancient civilizations centuries ago. Recent tests under the auspices of the University of Murcia confirm anew its high content in cations (positively charged ions), calcium, fluoride, magnesium and potassium. Our location near the park allows us to benefit from all these natural resources and make them available through our product line. All our items are made with careful respect for the environment and the biological rhythms of area wildlife.

Discover our beaches...

The famous Beach of the Germans, as well as Paradise, Mar de Cristal, Punta Brava, and Los Nietos beaches... all lie within easy reach.

Choose the one you like and enjoy its fine white sand while lounging in the warm comfort of its high salinity waters.

Enjoy Our Climate

Rejoice in the warmest winters on the Iberian Peninsula, or the mildest summers along the Mediterranean coast owing to the soft eastern breezes of the Levant.

Visit Our Islands

Isla del Baron. Located in the center of the lagoon, it is the best preserved and largest of the group.
Perdiguera Island. Easy to reach, it has a walking trail that helps to explore its geography. A good number of boats make this wonderful island their destination.

Isla del Ciervo. This island is connected by a man-made extension to the natural sandbar separating the lagoon from the Mediterranean Sea.

Isla Sujeto and Isla Redonda. These two are the smallest of the group and beloved by many bird species as a nesting place.

Play Outdoor Sports...

A veritable paradise for golfing, water sports and sailing.

Unique Sunsets...

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